Lonnie Pogue, Artist

Artist Statement


     Ive earned my living as an industrial designer (Product designer). And as such have had to be very tight with my renderings. Also the subject matter has always been selected by my clients needs. Painting became a way of expressing myself through freer and colorful works. It was more difficult than I would have expected to become painterly still an ongoing quest. I also became a big fan of Plein Air painting and try to get out as often as possible.

Artist Bio


     As any artist will tell you: Ive always loved to draw. But I also had to earn a living to support my family. I managed to become skillful in product development and design. I went on to Art Center College of Design to get my BSID. Also had the opportunity to take many life drawing and illustration classes. In the tightly constrained business world, I became more determined to break out into the freer form of painting. Ive studied drawing and painting with Glen Vilppu, Jeff Watts and Lela Harty. Also have participated in workshops with renowned painters David Leffel, Kim English and Calvin Liang.

     For more information about the artist and his paintings, please contact him at 619-683-2600 or e-mail:


2011 Lonnie Pogue

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